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Top Drone for Kids 2020 (Updated in May)

Our ranking is compiled from over 1765 online user reviews on over 100 drones for kids in the market from March - April (2020)

Buying a drone for for your kid or grand kids could be the perfect gift. Kids love flying toys and it's a great way to spend some time with them.

We know this industry inside because we also sell drones (we clearly disclose any links to our own drones. We link to many drones that are sold by a variety of top companies, so you DON'T have to buy from us. We are here to provide you the latest best drones for kids so you can make the choice that best meets your needs). We are constantly analyzing thousands of reviews online from different marketplaces (most from Amazon) to stay up to date and to make sure we have the latest information.

There are 3 parameters that we take into consideration when we recommend and rank the best drones for kids. 

1. Safety - Is it made of safe material? Is it safe for younger children? Is it a known and verified company.

2. Quality - Ease-of-use/control, durability, flight time, flight range, sensor quality

3. Price - Is the price worth the quality you are getting?

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