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Don't Make These 5 Mistakes When Buying A Drone for Your Kid

* The best drones for kids of 2020 that I highly recommend are at the bottom of the page. However, please first read the important information in this article before scrolling down.

About Me: A drone enthusiast (now I humbly call myself an expert) for over 9 years. In the last few years, I tried hundreds of drones, both for adults and kids. I am also the owner of Flytoyshop, which sells high quality drones for kids. 

Buying a drone for for your kid or grand kid (as in my case) could be the perfect gift. Kids love flying toys and it's a great way to spend some time with them. However, there are a few things that you must look out for when buying a drone for kids.


Picture: Giving your grandchild his first drone is exciting.

Safety - One of the most important things when it comes buying a drone for a kid is safety. So what should you look for when it comes to safety? Well, it depends on how old your kid is. First of all, you should NOT buy a drone if your child is LESS than 5 years old. Even the drones that are considered safe, the kid is in danger of putting his/her finger inside the drone. Between the ages of 6 and 12, you should look for a closed cage! If your kid is over the age of 12, you can already go for the drones that are not caged. 


drone for kids safety


Quality - There are a lot of poor quality drones out there that look very similar and you can’t tell the difference from just looking at the images. However, those drones will probably break fast and won’t fly too well. How can you tell the difference? To be honest, it’s rather difficult but there are some things you should look for. For once, if the price is too cheap, there is probably a reason for it. If you see the same drone on Amazon for $35 and a website is selling it for $15, you will probably (not always) get a poor quality drone. The second hint is to see what else the seller is selling. Are they specialising in drones (and even more so - drone for kids) or do they sell all kinds of toys for kids? Usually, you will get higher quality drones from stores that specialise in drones. If you want to be super sure about the quality you are receiving and if the seller knows what they are talking about, contact the seller and ask them about the amount of sensors the drone contains and what does it mean? This brings us to the next point.

grandpa with drone with kid
Picture: Trust me, don't save a few dollars and get something that breaks quickly. It's not worth it. Let your child enjoy a good quality drone - the price difference can be very minimal.

# of Sensors Do Not Matter!- Here is the big shocker! 1, 2 or 3 sensors can do the same job as 5 sensors or more. Sellers try to play on this marketing trick because most people think that more sensors = better quality, however, there is nothing further from the truth. It’s like saying that 10 small bags of Ketchup is more than 1 big Ketchup bottle (yes, I know, it's a weird analogy but it's true). 

Where to Buy? - Well let’s start with where NOT to buy. Do not buy from random online stores that sell all types of toys from China that sell toys in extremely cheap prices. There are two possible places you should buy your kid drone.
  • Online stores that specialise in drones and are experts in the field. We live and breath drones and only provide high quality drones that are safe for your kids. Our Top Selling Drone for Kids is on sale now for people visiting our website for the very first time (50% off + Free Expedited Shipping to US). If you buy from us, I guarantee that you will be satisfied - We only sell the best quality drones. Feel free to browse other items in our store.

top selling drone for kids

Top Selling Drone of 2020 for Kids Ages 6 +. Hand operated drone with no remote for easy, hands-free fun.

  • Amazon - Amazon is another great place to buy drones for kids but look at the reviews and not just the prices!  Here are the top 3 drones I highly recommend on Amazon (Full disclosure - as an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases) .As you can see some of them have open cages so consider if it's the appropriate for the age of your child. 

amazon drone for kids

SNAPTAIN H823H Mini Drone for Kids, RC Nano Quadcopter w/Altitude Hold, Headless Mode, 3D Flips, One Key Return and Speed 

amazon drone for kids

SANROCK Drone for Kids with Camera 720P HD Camera Real-time Video Feed. Altitude Hold, Route Made, Headless Mode, One Button 

amazon drone for kids

DROCON Mini Drone for Kids, Scouter Foldable Beginner drone with Altitude Hold/3D Flips/Self-Rotating/Headless Mode/One-Key 


Questions: If you have any questions about drones for kids or would like to speak to me, you can email me at support@flytoyshop.com and I would be more than happy to assist you.